For so long I thought that I was the only one who could fix my problems, point me in the right direction, or guide me. I never liked asking for help or making anyone think that I couldn’t do it all myself. My pride got in the way of what I really need, COACHING, DIRECTION, GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT.

I’ve gained so much more than I expected from my coaching experience thus far. When I made the decision to get a life coach, it was after months of “hearing that voice” tell me that I needed to look into getting a life coach that I finally took that first step of inquiring. My life was in a slow downward spiral in many areas and I knew I was reaching a point where it was going to become obvious that I can’t do this by myself, I don’t have all of the answers, and frankly, I knew that I needed help.

I’ve learned that being coached is about more than taking direction and listening, it’s about learning how to be active and present in every decision you make, it’s about recognizing why you are where you are, it’s about committing to the work that will aid you in correcting the areas that you are wanting and needing to correct. Being coached is about admitting that you can’t do it alone, it’s about acknowledging that your purpose is not at its best because you are not being your best you. Being coached is about improvement, self-improvement, and healthy mental and emotional lifestyle choices.

Once I made the decision to get a life coach so many great things begun to fall into place for me. Coach Monica told me during our first call, once you start to improve in one area you will see how other things begin to fall into place. That was 5 months ago and so many great things have fallen into place for me, everything from work, to my living situation, and I feel closer to reaching my goals than I ever have before. My confidence has grown tremendously and I am focused on success. My goals are in front of me every day and after every call with Coach Monica I am shown just how much progress I have made.

If you are considering a life coach I know the feeling of decisiveness and judgment and possible skepticism; but all I can guarantee that all that will go away during your consultation. It’s truly one of the best decisions I’ve made and I highly recommend Monica Hall.  She is patient, understanding, motivating, intelligent, trustworthy, insightful, and full of knowledge and an overall excellent Life Coach.

E. Hill, Sacramento, CA

I am like most people. I have hopes, dreams, and aspirations – great ideas and lots of enthusiasm.   I want to get to the finish line. I want to win.  But I was stuck in the middle.

By no means was I in a negative emotional or financial situation. But, I was stuck.  I needed to move ahead toward that finish line that represents completion and success.  What I was doing, or not doing, was not working. I called Coach Monica.  She helped me realize dreams are not goals. An idea is not a plan.  And the race is just as important as the finish line.

An important part of the process was guiding me to a clear understanding of my vision.  What did I want and why? What did I believe I deserved? After many reflective journal entries, I found:

  1. I was getting in my own way.  Coach Monica helped me discover that growth and progress requires a healthy relationship with oneself.
  2. My vision, which led to a plan.  The Bible speaks of the importance of having a vision.  The word also says Plans fail for lack of counsel, but…advisers they succeed. (Proverbs 15:22) Coach Monica has discernment and uses her knowledge to provide guidance and good advice.
  3. Tools!  I need the right shoes for running; I needed to develop consistent strategies to achieve my goals.
  4. I had to do the work. Vision, plans, tools can quickly turn into hopes, dreams and aspirations, if I didn’t commit to the work.

I felt stuck.  I was overly focused on the end point, rather than how to get there.  Now I am on course.  I take another step each day towards going back to school to get my PhD.

T. Baker, San Bruno, CA

“Monica Hall has a passion for helping to create better lives for her clients. Her focus is on the client and how they can find their own answers within. Her coaching skills and determination to help others results in success to the client’s personal journey.”

Joy N., Elk River, MN

“Monica is a pleasure to work with.  She is an excellent listener, has a passion for helping others and knows how to empower people.  With her caring and gentle help, I am working through some blocks I have had to live the life I truly want.  She is a great coach!”  Peace and blessings.

Bonnie L., Los Angeles, CA

I can’t say enough good things about the “Stop Playing It Safe Course!” Before the course, I was content to except that the DREAMS I’d held in my heart were never going to come to fruition!

Thanks to the course, I’ve learned that the only thing “truly” stopping me was my fear of failure! I now know that “every” failure actually brings me that much closer to achieving my DREAMS!

Thank you Monica Hall for this course and your encouragement throughout this 5-week journey!


Keta Williams
San Francisco, CA